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My Name is Rene Levermann, I am an experienced financial modeler working as a freelance consultant.

My goal is to build dynamic financial models that reflect the business activity and provide a solid base for decision making.

I offer a wide range of packages to best meet the demand of corporations, consultants, developers and startups.

My Focus Areas

Understanding and quantifying the business model

This first step is getting to know each other and getting accustomed to your business model.

The importance of this step lays in the fact that each business may adopt a combination of unique revenue streams. Because of this, only by developing a deep connection with the operating activities it is possible to ensure an accurate tailored financial model.

During this step we will get in contact through various phone calls and online video meetings in which we will start to fill the value proposition canvas and the business model canvas. These two basic, but extremely valuable tools, that will serve as a starting point for your tailored financial model.

Creating the Tailored Financial Model

The second step consists of starting to build the financial model based on the previously collected information.

To ensure accuracy and readability, I developed a modular approach based on dividing the model into schedules, each of them working as a magnifying glass pointed at a specific portion of the business.

The schedules are used to perform all the calculations and to dive deep into the smallest details. Then, the end results will be reported in a much cleaner and easier to understand way, but still keeping all the accuracy.

Financial Analysis and Insights

The last stage of creating a tailored financial model consists of implementing graphs, charts and financial analyses in order to draw valuable insights that can be used to guide future business operations.

Among the most popular analyses, I usually perform sensitivity and scenario analyses, valuation models, and fundraising analyses. If you want to have a better understanding of all the financial analysis services I offer for my tailored financial models, click here.

However, before starting the third step we will sit down once again to discuss which additional tools can be the most beneficial for your business, so we will have ample time to discuss all of them!

My Financial Service Packages

Why should you work with me?

Flexible Hours

As a self-employed consultant, I am at your service any day of the week, even during late hours, to meet your needs.

One Partner

You will work directly with me every step of the way. No change in partners – we start where we last left off.


I am a big fan of automating repetitive tasks, which means you will enjoy a cost-effective partnership that saves you both time and money.

Extensive Knowledge and Expertise

I have worked in the Financial Modeling field for years, so any project I complete is the result of years of experience. Click here to learn more about me.

My Client Portfolio & Projects

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