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Financial Analysis, Modeling & Planning

I’m Rene, a strategic financial consultant who believes in the power of technology to solve simple & complex problems.

I integrate Excel, Power BI, and the Power Platform into your financial processes to streamline the decision-making in analysis, planning, and modelling.

I offer a wide range of packages to meet the demands of startups, corporations & real estate developers.

My financial services

Financial Analysis

I will analyze your financial performance, focusing on the key operational elements that influence your financial outcomes.

This analysis will cover various aspects tailored to your business model, such as unit economics, analysis of variable and fixed costs, budgeting strategies, and cohort analysis, providing a comprehensive understanding and actionable insights.

Concepts: Marginal Cost Analysis; Break-even Analysis; Variance Analysis;  Ratios Analysis; RoI Matrix; Risk Profil

Financial Modeling

I craft tailored financial models that turn complex business models into clear and insightful planning tools.

By adapting the parameters and calculations close to your unique business environment, I enhance strategic decision-making, reduce uncertainties, and uncover potential growth areas.

My models are designed to give you a competitive edge, ensuring you’re prepared for future challenges and opportunities.

Concepts: Three-Statement Model; DCF Modell; Scenario & Sensitfity Analysis; Project Finance; LBO;  M&A Modeling; Monte Carlo Simulation

Financial Planning

Together, we craft a strategic roadmap, aligning your goals with a custom financial plan. This plan contains capital acquisition and budget allocation departments, ensuring every resource advances your strategic objectives.

Our monthly reviews of departmental performance against set budgets and KPIs enable ongoing improvement and optimisation of your financial strategy, ensuring adaptability and sustained growth.

Concepts: Capital Structuring; Budgetary Control; Performance Metrics; KPI Tracking; Cash Flow Management; Dashboard

Using the Microsoft Toolkit

It is my favourite tool for financial modelling and planning. It's very user-friendly and has a powerful modelling engine.
Power Pivot
A great tool for ad hoc financial analysis and for generating insights from singular data tables
Power Query
Automates data collection and preparation for Financial Analysis tasks. I often use it to standardize imports from other systems, such as SAP.
Power Automate
With Power Automate, we streamline the monthly reporting by automating different reports and processes.
Power Apps
A powerful no-code platform for creating in-house apps. I built different control tools with it to track the status of invoices and classify expenses.
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Why should you work with me?

Flexible Hours

As a self-employed consultant, I am at your service any day of the week, even during late hours, to meet your needs.

One Partner

You will work directly with me every step of the way. No change in partners – we start where we last left off.


I am a big fan of automating repetitive tasks, which means you will enjoy a cost-effective partnership that saves you both time and money.

Extensive Knowledge and Expertise

I have worked with companies from different industries and got an understanding of various business models.

My Client Portfolio & Projects

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