Your Business Partner for Financial Modeling & Analysis

Let me use the full range of Financial Planning, Modeling and Analysis tools to uncover the hidden potential of your business.

My Goal?
Leading you to lasting improvements in your business performance

Rene Levermann Your Business Partner for Financial Modeling & Analysis

My Focus Areas

Financial Analysis Services

I will help you develop a deeper understanding of your company's financial performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

We will implement a system to track key performance indicators, evaluate financial statements, and compare them to industry standards.

The insights gained will assist you in making data-based strategic decisions.

Financial Modeling Services

Together we will create a customized financial model for your company.

This model will allow us to make more accurate forecasts, perform sensitivity analysis, and develop scenarios for various strategies and business decisions.

Your financial model will serve as a powerful planning tool.

Financial Planning Services

We will align your financial structure with your overall business strategy, conduct budget planning, resource allocation, and evaluate financing options.

I will assist you with fundraising, bank negotiations, and collaborate closely with your tax attorneys.

My Financial Service Packages

Financial Health & Sensitivity Analysis

Comprehensive financial assessment and sensitivity analysis to identify improvement areas and make data-driven decisions.

Forecasting and Scenario Analysis

Detailed financial forecasts and scenario analysis to confidently make strategic decisions.

Business Valuation

In-depth business valuation, identification of value drivers, and customized valuation models (DCF, VC method, asset based).

Startup Financial Modeling

Tailored financial model development for startups, enabling informed decision-making and financing support.

Merger & Acquisition Support

Target analysis, synergy analysis, pre & post merger valuations, financial due diligence.

Cost & Pricing Models

Comprehensive analysis and development of cost and pricing models to increase transparency and competitiveness.

Power BI Dashboard Creation

Custom Power BI dashboard development, integration, visualization, and training for effective data interpretation.

Excel Services

Custom Excel template creation, bug fixing, and optimization for efficient data management.

Why shouly you work with me?

Flexible Hours

As a self-employed consultant, I am at your service any day of the week, even during late hours, to meet your needs.

One Partner

You will work directly with me every step of the way. No change of partners - we start where we last left off


I am a big fan of automating repetitive tasks, which means you will enjoy a cost-effective partnership that saves you both time and money.

Extensive Knowledge and Expertise

I have worked in the Financial Modeling field for years, so any project I complete will not just be the result of years of experience. Click here to learn more about me.

My client portfolio / projects

+20 Startups

I developed for various startups financial forecasting models for the Seed or Series A rounds

Real Estate Developer

Designed an in-house solution for real estate developers to easily evaluate projects and produce investor reports

Agroforestry & Carbon Credits

Engineered a financial model that combines tree growth and carbon capture metrics for investment project forecasting

Venture Developer

Crafted multiple financial plans to assess the profitability and feasibility of various business ideas

Equipment Rental / Asset Holding

Built a specialized financial model for equipment rental businesses, emphasizing vehicle depreciation and asset utilization

Investment Tracking

Developed an automated monthly reporting system to track dividend payments from stock and REIT investments.

Power Apps ERP Solution

Engineered a Power Apps-based ERP system to track actual expenses and revenue, generating project-based profitability analyses

Game & Software Developer

Developed a forecasting tool to accurately estimate the development costs of games or software solutions

Cost Budgeting Report

Designed a cost budgeting framework for manufacturing, accessing and integrating data from SAP and third-party solutions

Department Budget Planner

Designed a central reporting tool that merges various departmental budgets into one consolidated budget

Latest Content

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