Streamline your investor communications with detailed monthly reports

Keep your investors informed and engaged with precise, data-driven updates

Effective communication with investors is the key to maintain their confidence and support. I assist CEOs and founders in translating their financial plans into tangible, monthly KPIs, ensuring that investor reports are not just informative, but also reflective of actual business performance and forecasts.

Thanks to my monthly investor reports, you will be able to build the right relationships with the right investors that you and your business desire.

Illustration of a monthly investor report.

Service Details

My monthly investors reports are crafted utilizing the latest Power BI and Power Automate technologies to streamline the data collection process and automating repetitive tasks.

The result is a valuable collection of tools and analyses which includes a comprehensive Actual vs Forecast analysis, monthly cash usage details, and highlights significant business advancements or areas needing improvement.

The main features of my investor reports are:

  • Assistance in Developing Actionable Monthly KPIs

Key Performance Indicators are one of the most important tools that should be used while running a business. They help guide operations, optimise processes for efficiency, reduce costs and much more.

In my reports I will assist you in developing actional monthly KPIs, showing your investors that you have a plan to thrive in the long run.

  • Detailed Actual vs Forecast Financial Analysis

Having a long run plan is great, but ultimately, is how much can you follow it that matters. On a monthly basis I will develop a detailed actual vs forecast financial analysis to study how closely the business followed its forecasts and understand the reasons behind any deviation.

  • Automated Data Collection and Reporting Using Power BI and Power Automate

Keeping track of small numbers and reporting them in an organized way could be a big time-burner. Because of this, one of my main services is creating an automated data collection and reporting system that automatically organizes and displays all your figures of interest.

  • Regular Update of Financial Outlook and Performance Metrics

Finally, the last main feature of my investor reports is the regular update of the financial outlook and performance metrics. This is done to ensure that the business forecasts are always accurate and that the company always has something to aim for!

My Clients’ Benefits

Throughout my professional career, my monthly investor reports have proven ideal for startups and businesses seeking to maintain a transparent communication with their investors and provide regular and detailed updates on their progress.

Additionally, by working together you will receive the following benefits:


My reports offer investors a clear and honest view of your company’s financial health. This aspect is key for a long, healthy and efficient relationship.


Over the years I have always ensured regular and timely updates thanks to the help of my automated and streamlined processes.

Strategic Insight

Being a certified advanced financial modeler, I always use my reports to generate valuable strategic insights to make informed decisions, take calculated risks and guide business strategy.

Pricing and Packages

To ensure that all of my clients’ needs are met, I do not offer standardized packages at a fixed fee. The price of my monthly investor reports varies based on the complexity of the financial data and the level of detail required in the reports.

So, before starting, we will get in contact and discuss future prospects, needs and expectations to find the best course of action for you and your business.

However, all my monthly investor reporting services include the setup of an automated reporting system, monthly report generation, and ongoing support for adjustments and improvements.


Offer clear explanations that reinforce the value of having a seasoned financial expert in your corner.

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