Navigating the Financial Path to Your Next Investment Round

Expert financial preparation that speaks the language of investors

Raising capital requires more than just a great idea—it demands financial clarity and precision. As your financial expert, I specialize in preparing the financial groundwork that earns investor confidence, from insightful financial models and persuasive investment materials.

Additionally, all my fundraising models are accompanied by compelling graphics showing the evolution of key investment metrics and an interactive dashboard that investors can interact with.

Service Details

My fundraising support is based on the FAST Financial Modeling Standard, which ensures transparent, well-structured, and audit-ready financial data and projections.

By reviewing your business data in-depth, I develop comprehensive analytical methods and models that truly reflect your unique business model.

Then, we will be able to use these models as a strong basis to build scenario and sensitivity analyses, pitches, charts and many other models able to support your business even after the fundraising phase.

My Clients’ Benefits

Our collaboration will go beyond a simple financial model, I will be your supporting partner backing your ideas by providing valuable financial tools and helping you pitch to the potential investors. Regardless of the complexity of the business, all my fundraising models will have four key characteristics:


With years of experience and hundreds of well-built financial models in my past, each of my fundraising models can be trusted and used as a valuable guidance to take important business decisions.


Each of my models ensures a clear presentation of the key investment metrics like IRR, ROI, and NPV. This is because I build my models according to a schedule-based approach, reporting the main conclusions in an accessible format.


I will provide considerable support throughout the entire fundraising process. To do so, I will use tools able to show the true potential of the investment, grounded in solid financial logic.


My models are tailored to each startup and company I work with, so they are always able to unlock the full potential of a business poised for growth., project owners seeking funding, and businesses preparing for conversations with banks or investors.

Pricing and Packages

Since all companies and startups are intrinsically different, I do not offer standardized packages among which it is possible to choose from. However, to ensure that the needs and wants of every client are met with at a 100%, I offer the possibility to build your own customized package.

The base offer starts with the essential financial modeling needed for investor discussions. Then from there, it is possible to add analyses, charts and many other features. One of my main goals is maintaining a transparent pricing structure without any hidden fees, so before starting any project we will go over each feature and the related cost.


Offer clear explanations that reinforce the value of having a seasoned financial expert in your corner.

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